Our staff

Leading the family of staff are fourth and fifth generation owners, Shelley and her daughter, Alyssa. Being born and raised in the business, the duo offers a unique level of experience and expertise in the industry. Shelley began working for her parents as a young teenager, going to school and then right to work. She has witnessed and survived all the major evolutions of the bridal world in the last 35 years. A good friend and highly respected colleague among designers and fellow store owners, Shelley has also served in wholesale showrooms, with design teams, and on bridal expert panels. During Shelley’s long work days of her daughter’s childhood, Alyssa would come play “consultant” in the store. Her real service began at the age of 15, and she still remembers everything about her special first bride. With an education in apparel merchandising and design, Alyssa studied in Paris and under an internship with a couture NYC bridal house. After the completion of her degree in 2009, Alyssa brought her unique knowledge and insight back to Becker’s and became the newest member in the lineage of owners. She, beside her husband Cory, look forward to the next generation of service.

Alyssa and Shelley celebrating Becker's 80th anniversary
Alyssa and Shelley celebrating Becker’s 80th anniversary

Living and breathing Becker’s their entire lives, the mother-daughter team believes in more than bridal as business. For them, it is truly an act of love; a homage to the long-standing sacrifice and devotion of the Becker’s legacy.

The Becker’s team

Shelley and Alyssa are happy to personally serve you, while striving to uphold a family of staff who share their knowledge of product, heart of service, and passion for your extraordinary day. What was once built on a small team of family members, has flourished into a staff of over 20 consultants. With over 100 combined years of bridal and formal service, our staff has the impeccable knowledge to complete your bridal vision and the love of what we do to create the best experience for you while doing it. We understand the special memory you are making and we are ecstatic that you chose us to be a part of it! Because we are so invested in each customer we work with, you are treated with the love and regard we would expect from our own friends and family. Perhaps this is why the kinship of Becker’s brides continues to bring back loved ones to meet the people who helped them find their dress, too. Please know that we are here for you, to best assist you from engagement to “I do”.