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Advice: Get Your Best Shopping Experience

You’re getting married! One of the next orders of business: find.that.dress. Going out into the sea of white for the first time can be really intimidating. Probably more than anyone else, we totally understand. That’s why we have compiled a few suggestions to help make your shopping day go a little more smoothly.

1. Call First. Many stores operate on appointments only or, at least, appointments preferred. Calling ahead to just make sure is always a safe choice, especially on busy weekends that can book months in advance. This will ensure you don’t get turned away, or have to wait until all the appointments have been placed in rooms. Also, the operation of every store is a little different, so calling and speaking to someone may give you some helpful insight.

2. Speaking of Saturday… The weekends are always a bridal salon’s busiest time. Just as you are thinking, ‘but this is when everyone can come with me,’ so is just about every other bride in America. That being said, a weekend appointment can be a lot of fun.  Go into it will an open mind and a flexible attitude. Appointment or not, it is almost guaranteed to be a full house, particularly in the fall and winter months. Weekend shopping is better for the go-with-the-flow type of bride who is willing to share time and a little attention. If you find you are someone who really needs that one-on-one guidance and some peace and quiet to make decisions, we strongly recommend making plans to shop during the week.

3. Too Much of a Good Thing. Television likes to project the idea of an “entourage”. Reality has proven otherwise. We promise you will be thankful if you heed any advice of keeping your group to a minimum. Three to four really important guests at a shopping appointment is all you need. Anything more tends to get overwhelming, and we have found many brides in tears. This usually results in making a second trip, with just a couple of people, or sometimes totally alone. Remember, no one else is wearing your dress and in 1o years, you will be the only one still concerned with how you looked on your wedding day. Also, back to calling ahead, you may want to check with the store on their seating capability. Many stores have restrictions on how many guests they can accommodate. We know that you may have many people with whom you are excited to share your dress with. In this case, we suggest perhaps bringing them back when you try on bridesmaids, or when you come to pick up your gown. In this event, they still feel included and they can even have a hand in some decisions, such as veils or jewelry.

4. Come Prepared. By all means, we believe bridal consultants can work magic, however, a little help goes a long way. Even if you don’t have an idea of what may look good on you, try to bring some piece of information about your big day that may guide the process. For example, let her know what type of person you are. Maybe you tend to be classic and traditional. Or maybe you are drawn to things that sparkle and shine. Another really helpful decision to have made is your venue and/or theme. Often, all is takes for your consultant to pull just the right dress is you simply telling her that your wedding will be an intimate garden affair. But, if you are like many brides, you have already been pining your little heart out with thousands of gowns on a “dream dress” board. This is really helpful, however, just keep in mind that the store may not have exactly what you have pinned, as many of those photos don’t represent a solid majority of what is out on the mass bridal market right now. The pins, though, will really give your consultant a sense of direction and they should be able to pull you similar concepts.

5. Start Early. If you have the time, start getting serious about a gown commitment approximately 9-12 months before the wedding. Gowns without custom changes can take about 4-7 months for production. After that, alterations can run about 2-3 months. Then there are incidentals like Chinese New Year, that can come up and cause unforseen delays. It’s better for everyone to have more than enough time, than to be cut short. It seems like it’s so far away, but when it gets to crunch time the last thing you want to worry about is if you will have something to wear to your wedding!

6. Be Happy. A general rule of thumb throughout your planning process, which especially applies to gown shopping. We firmly believe that you can set the tone and outcome of your experience just by having a smile on your face and a positive attitude. It seems, from there, everything will just fall into place.


xo, your friends at Becker’s Bridal

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Your Most Special Attendant: Your Mother

In all the chaos and details that planning a wedding can induce, one of the most important people can often be thought of last: mothers of the bride & groom. Let’s not forget, this is a major milestone in her life as well.  Aside from her own wedding gown, this is her second most important and photographed gown.  It may be a long time since she has been able to feel special and paid attention to, after all, she has spent decades raising children! With that being said, you can always trust Becker’s with such a special gown.  Our mother’s department has a large variety of style and sizes, with over 3oo hundred gowns in stock.  As a family owned business for five generations, mothers hold a special place in our heart.  For this reason, when becoming a Becker’s bride, all mothers receive 20% off their beautiful gown (and, of course, mothers-of-the-groom, step-mothers, and grandmothers are included!). Coming soon, we will be expanding our department size to two rooms exclusively holding mother’s gowns!


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