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What variety of products do you offer?

Becker’s is much more than wedding gowns.  We also have an extensive inventory of bridesmaids, mother, flower girl, and prom gowns.  Additionally, we offer a full line of bridal and special occasion shoes, veils, headpieces, jewelry, slips, Spanx, and bras.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Bridal appointments are preferred, as they do help us better plan our day.  Also, when you call to schedule an appointment, we will be able to share any exclusive promotions with you.  We do our best to also accommodate walk-ins, if we are able.  Please note that on high energy Saturdays, our consultants may be shared among more than one bride. Seating is also very limited on Saturday, so if you are anticipating a large group coming with you, we strongly encourage a week-day appointment.  We find that approximately two hours is an efficient amount of time for you to look through our dresses and find your dream gown! You may make in appointment by calling at 989.593.2595. Our special occasion store (bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, prom) operates on walk-ins only.

Whom should I bring with me?

Through our experience, we have found it best to bring no more than three other people with you at once.  Beyond that, space becomes too limited and opinions make the process very confusing for the bride.  Also, Becker’s strongly recommends not bringing young children.  In addition to often creating an unpleasant environment for the other customers, it can also be a safety hazard for the child.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Cash.  Personal checks are accepted, except for on final payment.  Becker’s offers very flexible payment plans, if need be.  Half down is required for all special orders, though payment in full may return special incentives.  Any form of deposit is a binding contract in agreement to pay the entire due balance.

How many wedding gowns are in your store?

As one of the largest wedding gown inventories in the nation, Becker’s carries approximately 3,000 wedding gown samples.  Nearly all of the samples in store are different from one another, even across sizes.  This allows you for the greatest variety and most comprehensive view of the bridal industry.  Thus, the range of our prices is quite broad.  Some of our destination gowns start at $199, with our most expensive, couture gown at $6000.  The average on most gowns, however, is between $800-$1,600.  Furthermore, practically any of our gowns are available for purchase out of inventory if desire be!


After my order is placed, how long will my gown take to arrive?

Your special order will be placed either the same or the following business day. On average, a wedding gown will take approximately four to seven months to arrive.  If custom changes are made, the latter is more likely.  A bridesmaid gown takes approximately four to six months (please note that the maids’ order will not be complete until each member of the party has made the minimum deposit).  In both cases, please allow alteration time, which is generally two to three months. Rush shipping is available from most designers at an extra charge. For new brides wondering when is best to make their decision, we recommend nine months to a year. Also, it is important to realize that retailers have no foresight or control over production and delivery, and variations in shipping schedules should be allowed for in the planning by the consumer.

Does Becker’s offer an alteration service?

Upon request, we will be happy to offer unaffiliated and reputable referrals across the state for you to take your gown to be altered.  This is in effort to reduce your travel time and costs, as well as potential alteration costs by cutting out  the middle man!

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Yes! Though a rare practice in the industry, Becker’s encourages you to bring a camera and capture the special memories.  Also, if there is anyone who is unable to share in the shopping experience in person, they may join via Internet video chat!

How does bridal sizing run?

Most designers’ charts start at a size 2 or 4 and continue to size 28 or 32.  Bridal gowns are cut differently than normal clothing.  Most brides find they are approximately 1-2 sizes larger in bridal gowns than in typical clothing.  Please understand that the most manufacturers may mandate a size charge for gowns sized over 18/20 and is not included in the price of the sample garment.

Do I have to pay sales tax if I am from out state?

Customers residing outside of the state of Michigan, who never arrive to our store and have merchandise shipped to them, are exempt from paying sales tax.

Do you accept returns, exchanges, or transfers of deposits?

It is industry standard that all sales are final.  This includes both out-of-inventory purchases as well as special orders.  Once the manufacturer receives a special order, the pattern begins to be cut and putting a stop on the order is not possible. Any form of deposit is a binding contract in agreement to pay the entire due balance.